Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Re: Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?


I'm not crying out for one. These days I use a Canon 7D and a 150-600 for my wildlife, olympus E-M10 and 60mm macro for close macros and Pentax K-3 with sigma 180mm macro for more difficult to get at insects and a 300 F4 or 4.5 for light travelling. However logic says it would it be good to have just one system. I don't mind who makes it, however I started with Pentax many years ago so have a good selection of lenses. I think the K-3 has a better sensor than olympus/nikon/canon for what I want. I'm disappointed that Canon and Nikon dropped down to 20/21mp so I keep looking at Canon 80D/M5 or Nikon 7200 because they have 24mp, trouble is Canon 80D has an AA filter and Nikon is a step back for Live view AF (even the D7500/D500), which I love on my Olympus macros.

On that basis I hope that the next Pentax flagship will have much improved AF, great live view using on sensor phase detect, flip out screen along with a decent size and normal things like good fps and buffer.

I have experience with some reasonably quick af lenses on Canon over the years and some slower af versions. Even the slower versions do pretty good with wildlife so I'm certain that fast AF lenses are not the total answer to good af for what I do. Good af from the camera is critical. I know of people who were shooting Nikon SLR's with screw drive lenses who said that the top end bodies had superb AF. So I believe that my FA*300 4.5 could perform well with a better body and I'm sure even my slow DA*300 could improve to quite usable.

Trouble is I've lost faith with Pentax, I don't think the above will happen, especially the af even though I'm sure they will say it has. I suspect I will eventually move over to another system that has compromises for what I do but not as many as Pentax. However I can hope for a top end APS-C camera can't I?

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