Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

There are many talks around new Pentax APS-C flagship. There is even recent thread, which is based on PF January 2017 outdated post, going on. But, seriously, can you answer me why do you need it?

To me as a system Pentax has three major problems:

  • well known AF issues (ancient screw drive, lousy target acquisition, AF inconsistency, not sufficient tracking, noise, excessive lens hunting, and so on)
  • lack of modern fast lenses
  • lack of third party lens support.

Hundreds of other complaints to satisfy everybody’s everyday needs are less systematic, I think. When we say that K-1 is a perfect landscape camera, or that 24MP K-3 sensor is leading in the class, while both cameras are inferior to major competitors in fast pacing action shooting, we cheat ourselves. Both 7D II and D500 have only 20MP sensors. However, they better suited for everyone’s needs: macros, landscape, wild life and sports all at once. Yes, they have their own issues; who does not? But designers of both cameras did not want to impress the world, delivering most MP packed sensor, best of the best high ISO performance (actually both cameras are good in this department), or unique sensor shift based AA-filter, which nobody is going to use. No, they had more practical reasoning to carefully balance FPS, file size, writing speed, buffer, etc. and build solid all-in-one performer. Yes, Pentax bodies are cheaper. However, if one is forced to buy two cheaper bodies: one better suited for landscapes and another for fast action shooting instead of one probably less elegant all-in-one competitor’s camera, the total price would be at least 50% higher. And Pentax branded lenses are not cheap at all; nowadays it is quite opposite actually.

Let’s be clear. Highly anticipated new Pentax APS-C flagship will not solve AF problem. We all know that. It is too complex. Pentax lost momentum when came out with faulty SDM drive and never recovered from it. Now they need years and tons of money to refine new DC, PLM, etc. motors, redesign lenses, develop and implement new tracking algorithms, etc. Simply put they are unable to build not crippled all-in-one APS-C flagship in the near future. What they do instead? They play marketing games. KP is similarly crippled, but is a great fun camera. However, it is not a flagship. You want a competitor to D500 and 7DII? Ok, they probably are working on it. You'll never know. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best, that’s all. And all these highest MP sensors, sensor shift based acrobatics, ability to AF in the dark with no reliable AF on a moving subject in a day time are simply clever diversions. They do what they can to keep the brand afloat.

So, why so many people still crying for a new flagship, if it is going to be crippled anyway?

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