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Re: Is there a decent Auto ISO implementation

mac_0816 wrote:


did you have a look at the Auto ISO implementation?

This has always been pretty poor in previous panasonic models.


Is there Auto ISO in M mode?


Does it accept exposure compensation in M? (GX 8 doesn't)

Yes. I use auto ISO with M mode ALL THE TIME and need exposure compensation. I remember complaining/requesting that to Panasonic when i was reviewing the GX8 few years ago, probably even before the public annoucement.  And later on they told me it was implemented with one of the newer camera. (can't remember was it GH5?)


PAS mode, can a minimum speed for Auto ISO be set?

No, at least i didn't see that option. Only min ISO and max ISO.

Does Auto ISO consider focal lenght (like Nikon SLR do)?

No, doesn't seem to be the case

Thank you very much


You are welcome

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