"Good enough"

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"Good enough"

With regards to IQ (Image Quality), where does "good enough" lie for you?  That is, which system delivers IQ "good enough" such that photos with "higher IQ" would not make any difference to the "success" of the photo, where "success" is defined in terms of the purpose of the photo (e.g. to share on facebook, to put in your online gallery, to hang on your wall, to enter a competition, etc.,).

For example, we all know that two photos of the same scene, one with a 50 MP FF camera and the other with a cell phone, that the 50 MP FF camera will deliver "higher IQ" (assuming, of course, that the photographer using the FF camera doesn't suck and the photographer using the cell phone is very good).  However, this doesn't mean that the 50 MP FF photo will be "more successful" than the cell phone photo.

For example, I recently print and hung a 16x20 inch landscape photo taken with a cell phone.  I have no doubt that if the photo had been taken with 50 MP FF that it would have had "higher IQ" and, if I had the two photos side-by-side I would have chosen the 50 MP FF photo.  But the cell phone photo looked so good that it easily passed the "good enough" threshold for me to print, frame, and hang.

So, with regards to IQ alone, which system is "good enough" for you, keeping in mind that while the choices below are based on the format, it means to also include all the lenses *currently* available for that format.

Cell phone.
3.6% 7  votes
1" (e.g. RX100, RX10, etc.)
10.4% 20  votes
20.2% 39  votes
31.1% 60  votes
14.0% 27  votes
A format larger than FF.
3.6% 7  votes
It's not a matter of the format but the lack of lenses I need on some format to satisfy "good enough" for me.
5.7% 11  votes
All formats are "good enough" for me at this time, and there exist available lenses for all the formats which are also "good enough" -- it's solely differences in operation that matter.
11.4% 22  votes
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