Is the age of the DSLR over - Mirrorless becoming new crown king?

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Is the age of the DSLR over - Mirrorless becoming new crown king?

This is an observation on my part:

Full-frame DSLRs were/are the crown king and APS-C were/are the red-head step sister.  But in the last couple of years APS-C sensors 'sucked less', their technology advanced to a point the line between an older full-frame and newer APS-C has now blurred.  Sure modern full-frame still reigns supreme but one thing I have noticed over the years from owning a Sony-V3 to Canon Rebel EOS T2i, to Canon EOS 70D to my current Canon EOS 5DM4, unless you are shooting in low light conditions or indoor sports, my former 70D took equally stunning images as the 5DM4 using the same lenses (yes I factored in the crop factor, and I did own a few EF-S lenses as well).  The 5DM4 only came out on top in low light and indoor sports photography.

Then you look at the advancements made overall in the last 5 years in DSLRs and the technology advancements seem rather slow, almost baby steps while advancements in mobile phones, GoPro's, etc... smaller camera technologies have advanced much more rapidly to the point all you read about are those devices used in photography.

Mirrorless has come along and largely dismissed by both Nikon and Canon.  Canon using small sensors and lower-end glass compared to their EF lens has their mirrorless products marketed as an interchangeable lens 'point and shoot' system.  But then you look at Sony and Sigma, they produced a full-frame mirrorless body using quality optics; Sigma is using an APS-H sensor which is 1.3x crop factor.  But the point being these two companies seemed to have positioned themselves as the replacement to the tried and true DSLR with their mirrorless offerings while Nikon and Canon appear content to ride out their existing technologies until the 'well dries up'.

Has this shift to mirrorless begun in full swing for all new buyers (due to younger consumers) looking to upgrade from their mobile device for photography?  After all for those who are not accustomed to looking through a view finder and use to looking at a screen, why would they consider a DSLR when a mirrorless solution provides them the same viewing and user experience as their mobile device, and Sony/Sigma among others are offering equal technology and quality to present DSLRs?

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