Adobe CC misconceptions

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Adobe CC misconceptions

Since the new announcements there has been the expected turmoil. I don't care what anyone uses but perhaps some facts might help to clear the air.

I'm not a big fan of Adobe, I did test several other developers but decided to stay. I would have no issues leaving Adobe today if they did something I din't like. I have another developer picked out.

The Facts

There will be no Stand Alone version of LR7. LR6.13 was the latest update and there might be one more. As of 2018 there will be no more updates.

LR CC 2015.13 is the original subscription version. I suspect like LR6 there will be no more updates as of 2018.

LR CC version 1 is a new product, which is intended for mobile devices that is cloud-based storage only. You don’t have download it if you don’t want to use it.

LR CC Classic 7 is the new subscription version of LR6 that you download and use on your system just like LR6. There is no difference between the two. You are not editing in the cloud.

  • You do not have to use cloud storage if you don’t want to. You can store your RAW files wherever you want to locally – just like you did with LR6. If you also want to use cloud storage that is up to you.
  • If you choose to cancel subscription you can continue to use LR except the Develop/Map modules and syncing are disabled.
  • Adobe can’t hold you ransom if they decide disable all of LR. Your files are not stored in the Catalogue. The Catalogue is just a history of your adjustments. If you are concerned export your edited Jpegs, etc, store them locally and you will have them and your original RAW files which Adobe has no access too.
  • I store my RAW files on an external drive. I can make 100 adjustments to one and later using Canon’s DPP open that file and make adjustments using it. It does not effect the LR adjustments because you are not doing anything with the catalogue.

LR Catalogue system.

Once you place the catalogue on your HD or external drive then everything points to it. As an example I opened my external drive and found my RAW file folder (not the catalogue) and renamed it. I went back to LR and there were question marks beside all my files.

Since I did not rename it using LR it was still looking for the original name. I went back and replaced the original name. Using LR I renamed it and when I went back to the external drive the name was changed. This applies to moving files or folders as well. If you move them using your OS and not LR it is not the software’s fault. It was not informed of the move or change.

You can access your RAW files with any other software you like and make as many adjustments you like as long as the RAW files location or it’s folder is not moved. You can save your finished work wherever you want to.

You can move your catalogue’s location as long as you use LR.

I have many folders in my main RAW folder that were never exported into LR. I can move or rename them using the OS because there is no link to LR. It just takes an initial adjustment to remember to follow a few important steps.

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