S100 - Carry case???

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Re: S100 - Carry case???

Howard, the original soft leather case that came with the "original" Elph APS camera fits the S100 perfectly. It is very soft. black leather, has a velcro closure in the front, a hole in the top for the wrist strap to go through, and "Canon" on the front. NO protrusions or extra pockets, but offers the protection you want. Also, it's extremely easy to remove the camera and put it back quickly. You should be able to find this case anywhere they sell the original Elph camera. In fact, I found it at B&H Photo, #B&H Catalog # CACE, for $14.50. Hope this helps. K.

Puemekaw wrote:

I got my S100 last week, and it fits perfect inside my jeans
pocket, as well as the inside pocket of my jacket.. Thats without a
case.. I've been looking for something to carry it around in, but
with no luck... I found a few small, 'micro' cases at the local
electronics and camera stores, but the camera is so small, any of
those cases negate the benefits of its size..

I got a case from Canon over the weekend, its the one designed for
the S100.. Its definately the best case I've found so far, but even
that one negates the size.. The camera fits nice and snug, which is
great, but they added an extra pocket to the front it if, (for a
spare batter or Compact Flash card) - and I completly understand
why people would want that.. But thats where the camera bulks out
too much... (Why don't they make 2 versions.. one with the pocket
and one without...)

Anyways, before I go ahead and mutilate the bag by cutting the
front pocket off, does anyone have any suggestions for any other
bags out there?? I'd like something thin, and just big enough to
hold the camera (I can put the cards/batteries in another pocket) -
I just want something to add a little protection and covering for
the camera.. Maybe some kind of drawstrick bag, just big enough to
hold it...

Any suggestions??


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