Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

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Re: one reason a7s is singularly different for ease of AP>

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Hi Landscaper, I want to thank you for starting this thread, as I have learned a lot from it. I am just getting started with astrophotography and also have a 5dmkIv. I think I have done reasonably well with it and have seen others who have gotten wonderful astro shots with it (at the level of milky ways, star trails, auroras, etc--not talking about deep sky). My friends have gotten wonderful shots with 6ds and Nikon 810s. I am sure the Sonys are great cameras, but I am happy with the camera I have and am more concerned about camera lenses. Have been using a 16-35 2.8 mk III and a 15 2.8 fisheye. The latter is wonderful, but I am not all that wild about the fisheye effect.

Fish eye lenses have a trick up the sleeve - the contellations appear undistorted all over the field. Ordinary wide angle lenses distort the sky severely towards the corners.

So if wanting super wide vistas with easy recognizable constellations the fish eye lens might have something to offer. Love mine for that reason.

And, FWIW, fish-eyes can be defished; right?

But if you're going to "de-fish" your fisheye images (and restore the distortion that fisheye lenses don't have), then what's the point of using a fisheye lens in the first place?

One reason would be having the extra-wide field of view offered by the fisheye. If there are no straight landscape lines included in the FOV, it doesn't really matter if you defish or not. With all-sky Milky Way shots I seldom defish. Only if there's a straight line from a meteor or satellite trail do I defish to straighten out the distorted line.

I wish this danged auto-correction feature would quit changing defish to defuse! In any case this has been an interesting and far ranging thread. Thanks for starting it.

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