Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

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Re: one reason a7s is singularly different for ease of AP>

a7sastro wrote:

In point of fact, I don't know of any DSLR equipped with Live View that won't do that very same thing. Nothing remarkable about the A7s in that regard.

I guess you didn't watch the video.

In point of fact, I think you are confusing the concept of difference of degree.

I've never seen anyone's 6D, 5Dm4, or 810a do anything similar out at dark sites, when I loaned them my fast Canon or Nikon lenses to compare performance side by side.

I agree that sony has done a great job with their video being able to pull out faint things.  But the key to that success is not sensor sensitivity--it is filtering the data.  The posted video link illustrated that quite well: the filtering is so extreme that even in the web sized video (e.g. 640x480 or whatever the minimum was--it was mall on my screen) the filtering was evident, and stars were bloated blobs.  No different than binning to pull out faint signals, but at the loss of spatial resolution.  When the video jumps to the still image, it shows much higher resolution than the video, even at a tiny web sized image.  This is great for some situations and I wish canon would offer such a feature, but with the ability to turn on or off the filtering (which sony does not allow).  But for critical focusing on a nightscape or astrophoto, I want full resolution unfiltered live view image and that is exactly what canon (and I believe nikon) delivers.

And note, the author of that video no longer recommends sony for nightscapes due to the filtering of the raw data.

And if you actually dark adapt and have normal eyesight, you can probably see more detail in an optical viewfinder than any live video.  I certainly can and my eyesight is not up to normal.  The key is dark adapting and not using bright lights, especially bright red flashlights.

Again regardless of camera fanboys, with the right lens one can make great nightscape images with pretty much any recent model camera.  High ISO  performance is actually very close between all cameras and the main differences in results are 1) the lens to collect light. 2) the darkness of the site and light pollution, and 3) post processing skills.


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