Why Full Frame? Just for Fun.

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Why Full Frame? Just for Fun.

Every new m4/3 camera release invites an inevitable criticism about how FF is better. Personally, when I really drill down into some of the reasons offered, I wonder if some people are just curmudgeons who like to create a kerfuffle because they are having to drink decaffeinated coffee or something. I mean, some of the arguments could actually work against FF if you took them to the natural conclusion.

So, I'm offering a poll of very tongue in cheek answers to "Why FF?"

Because "Canon", "Nikon" and "Sony" are easier to spell than "Panasonic" or "Olympus".
10.9% 15  votes
I have a thing for big, white/light grey lenses.
8.0% 11  votes
Using FF keeps me from having to figure out crop factors and aperture equivalents.
14.6% 20  votes
I don't actually own any ILC cameras. I just like to argue about FF to keep from admitting I only take photos with my smartphone.
13.9% 19  votes
I got a FF kit as a gift from my significant other, and things might get ugly if I insisted I really wanted a smaller, lighter kit of gear.
2.9% 4  votes
My favorite Youtube videos by people who use FF. What other reason do I need?
5.1% 7  votes
It's not me: My cat sneaks onto my computer when I'm asleep and posts about FF.
25.5% 35  votes
Because the salesperson said FF would give me better IQ, and I want to be as intelligent as possible.
19.0% 26  votes
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