Nikon 600mm f4 ED IF AiS 'New' design ser #20xxxx

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Re: Nikon 600mm f4 ED IF AiS 'New' design ser #20xxxx

Yes I just confirmed on mine. Rotates counter-clockwise looking INTO lens , seems to turn not even a whole rotation before it disengages.

I remember when I bought mine that I did not realize it had built-in sunshade.

but one day I had it mounted on My Wimberly mount and went to rotate from landscape to portrait by rotating big end rather than camera body, but I had thumb screw a bit tight on ring and it unscrewed.

I also have the HE-5 shade that I use on it.

by the way, I have  two teleconverters the TC-16A  (one I did the modification relocating a pin for D3, and D800 bodies) and unmodified the TC-16A works with my D2h body.

i have a big label on each so I do not mix them - I understand it can (might) damage camera circuitry.

My eyes are not good enough for accurate or quick focus , and my wallet will not support a fully auto-focus big glass

have fun,  I do not use mine much; however, when I do I always enjoy results - D800 especially.

Just a FYI, I also mistakenly purchased a C-PL2s on line thinking it was the one for the lens ( the C-PL1s) - only ~$120, and the C-PL1s are much more ,  anyway , I have found the only difference is that the C-PL2s stands a bit proud of lens body when inserted, but sits correctly in optical path.  I have a 3-D printer and just made up a “flange” spacer to take up space and it worked.

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