Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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serial port C-2100 UZ in XP

I just tried the serial port connection on my WinXP computer, and still couldn't get the camera to connect. I assume the camera has to be turned on and mode set to playback. Is that correct?

Also what are the files and where do they go. I just unzipped them to a new folder. Is that correct?


corhoin wrote:

Rich-D wrote:

Corhoin, I just tried to get my Uzi to connect via the serial cable
and the program will not see my cam. When it asked if I wished to
do it manually I clicked "Yes" and tried the Com1 and 2 ports it
had listed, when I clicked on Com2 the "working" light on the back
of the Uzi flashed but still did not show up. Did you have to
install a serial driver for this to work? I also tried a USB but to
no avail. Any help in removing "that damn green spot" as I like to
call it, would be greatly appreciated.

If/when the program asks for the manual connection, click "No" and
start the program again immediately, without touching the camera.
In my case it's then usually detected. The manual detection seems
not to work in this case. Which OS were you using? XP, 2000 or 98?

Don't lose your hope yet.


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