Xf 16-55mm (image quality vs primes on good light)

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Re: Xf 16-55mm (image quality vs primes on good light)

Greg, hilarious indeed. And, great to meet you, my man. I am certain we could tip a few and laugh for hours. I am not comparing the 18-55 to the far superior 16-55. I am saying that with 4K video, you don’t really need the IQ (whatever that is and I am using it because I am good at inferring what it means; and yes, I hit up Wikipedia just to make sure) that the 16-55 greatly adds to the image. Video is video and I am glad I can keep both lenses and get the use of the OIS to help smooth things out. Sure, 10 years from now OIS and whatever they call the in-camera sensor deshaking ability will be ubiquitous. And you, my friend, have a couple year head start in your wait to get the most out of the yet-to-be purchased 16-55. Oddly, the price of the lens will be north of $2,000 at that point but it will still be called the brick.

Keep posting and I really do appreciate your thoughts and your humor. Any suggestions on a good backpack the isn’t too camera-eee?

Please excuse the incorrect reply to with my post. Still getting the handle on the UI.

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