D850: Is auto-ISO effective?

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Avrflrut Regular Member • Posts: 386
Re: D850: Is auto-ISO effective?

I need enough shutter speed to freeze motion and an aperture that gives me the DOF I want so I control those things. For most active situations where I am looking for a shot and the light and background are changing it makes sense to use the processing power of the camera to react quicker than I can and change iso for me. I mostly use center weighted (for some scenes other metering modes are better) and keep an eye on the iso. When the scene is getting too bright or dark and the iso is in danger of either hitting base iso or getting too high, I change shutter or aperture. I find this method easy, reliable and much faster than trying to change iso manually. Obviously there are situations where I don't use auto iso, e.g. landscape, flash etc.

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