Can't decide...55-200 or 56? Help!

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Can't decide...55-200 or 56? Help!

Well, I've raised some funds selling my Nikon kit and the Fuji lens deals are happening, so it's perfect timing for a new lens.

My main photo subject is my 18 month old son, and after that, general family shots and walk-around type stuff like casual landscapes/streetscapes, the odd nature shot, etc.

I have an X-T1 and 35/2. I started with the 35/2 to get weather sealing and a good all-around type lens. It's been phenomenal for mostly everything...but it isn't a perfect fov for portraits, and it lacks speed and reach in general.

I'm seriously stuck between the 56 and the 55-200. Pros for the 56 - speed, bokeh, and rendering character. Cons - cost. Pros for the 55-200 - versatility, reach, sharp, cost. Cons - size/weight, speed.

I do a fair amount of indoor low light family candid shots, stuff like family gatherings and kid shots of my son and neices and nephews. But I'm starting to do more outdoor shots with my son since he can now run and get around. I'm intrigued by the zoom and I see myself getting a zoom eventually because it nothing else my kid will be in sports in a few years I suppose.

If I get the zoom I'd consider also getting a flash like a godox tt350 to help with indoor shots. But I'm not at all familiar with flash photography yet. With the 56 I'd keep shooting natural light since the lens is so much'd be the fastest lens I'd ever owned by a long shot. I might also use the 56 in walk-around settings as I'm used to a 50mm on apsc from my Nikon days and an adapted 50mm (100mm equiv) hexanon I used to use on m43. I'm not sure how I'd get on with anything in the 100-300 range but it could be fun to learn, and I have some opportunities to shoot cool birds in the summer down at the beach, or animals at the zoo.

Figured it couldn't hurt to poll the forum, see what others would do in this decision... Thanks for any thoughts.

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