Where is the A7III?

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Re: Where is the A7III?

FlyinDoc wrote:

I sincerely hope you are right and I am wrong. I am just basing it on what Sony has done until now.

It would indeed be silly not to have an update for the A7M2, as the entry level FF camera would be quite long in the tooth. Maybe they really are waiting for maximum A7R III sales before introducing a new 24mp A7III with a BSI sensor and Front LSI, all the ergonomic, battery, AF and other improvements from the A7R III, keeping the stacked sensor and 93% coverage for A9.

That would kill A9 sales. We can only speculate at this point.

Like Trek of Joy, I don't see it impacting the a9 sales at all.

Few people would be paying the premium price of the a9 if they don't need the speed it offers. They're not who it was meant for. Without a doubt, the a9 is priced as it is in part because Sony knows it targets a narrow segment (and thus they can't depend on economies of scale to recoup R&D and overheads).

The same will apply to the 400mm f2.8 lens they've just announced - it will necessarily be priced assuming to low demand - but the demand for it (whatever it may be) would not be impacted at all by them also offering a slower 400mm lens (because the people who need a fast 400 prime aren't going to be interested in the slower one, just as the people who can get by with a slower 400mm won't be able to justify the ticket price - or added bulk/weight of a f2.8).

Conversely, those who actually *need* the speeds the a9 offers would be unlikely to consider buying a camera that doesn't provide it - even at less than half the price.

So, realistically, Sony could reasonably expect very little overlap between the target markets for two such offerings. At most, some professionals who need speed might consider an a7iii as their second camera when otherwise they'd require two a9 bodies. But even then, most will stump for two a9s for flexibility and interchangeability (and they will need speed on the second body just as much as on the first in most situations).

It's hard to see where you're envisaging overlap, TBH.

I am thinking of wedding and event photographers, who need only 24mp sensor, but want better AF, dual card slots, improved battery and ergonomic improvements. Some of them picked up the A9, but how many will pick the $4500 A9 over the $1900 A7III, if it comes with all the improvements from the A7RIII?

Some wedding and event shooters would want the super fast readouts and virtually non-existant silent shutter artefacts of the a9, and will still be prepared to pay a premium for them.

Those who don't place high value on that would be less likely to have bought into the a9 and will either choose the a7R3 (despite it's slower burst and increased potential for rolling shutter) if they want the added resolution, IQ and/or "cropability". Or they'll wait for an a73 or stay with one of the pre-ecxisting models.

I agree that a small number may have been attracted to the a9 for it's lesser features (ergonomics, battery, dual slots etc) and may have been prepared to pay a premium to get those features along with the best-in-class speed. If their budget was such that that was not a problem, then it probably still won't be, even if there is a cheaper offering that gives a subset of the features.

TBH, I think the a7R3 will probably woo more event/wedding shooters away from the a9 than an a73 would. But I don't think Sony would be likely to see that as a problem (they 'win' either way). In fact I think it's their deliberate strategy (to cater for various preferences and priorities at the high/pro end).

But that in no way excludes them from concurrently offering a lower spec'ed "entry" FF model such as an a7iii. It doesn't mean they definitely will but I don't see that there's any impediment to them doing it (and there are plenty of reasons why it would make good sense).

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