Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

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Re: Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

Just to add confusion:

In my case the Canon 60Da, astromodded 6D and unmodded 7DII is what look at the stars from my location. Use Sony cameras for my ordinary photography.

Use my Canon cameras at ISO1600 (the sweet spot) and typical exposures are 30sek, 1min or 2min depending upon the target and local conditions.

Typically at f/2 (one lens), f/4 (most lenses) and f/5 (astrograph).

My workflow is light plus flats (to reduce vignetting and to kill dust motes), stacking, and some tweaking in AstroArt. Add a final tweak in Photoshop. That is all.

The weather have been extremely lousy here this autumn and I have not had much time to use the Sony A7 in the dark - but have noticed that getting good results from the Sony is much harder than getting good results from my Canon cameras. Might be my workflow.

So in my case I cling to Canon for capturing the night sky. Know my cameras and my workflow - and know what the final result will look like when the exposures are done.

Guess that establishing a good workflow is more important than which camera to use.

Have seen good results from all brands - especially FF cameras, but also APS-C cameras and even smaller formats.

The lens is key - smaller image sensors only limit the field of view, not sensitivity.

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