Will Panasonic announcement push customers away?

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Re: NOPE. Panasonic is trying to expand its appeal..

jalywol wrote:

...to current or future DSLR owners. The form factor, esp the top plate display, along with the huge EVF with no blackout, are all clearly aimed at picking off customers who associate DSLR styling with IQ/status/photographic proficiency/etc.

This may make the dedicated M43 users whine, a lot; or do an eye roll at the totally redundant top display, but hey, if it brings new customers to the format, why the heck not.
My only hope is that they bring out a GX9 down the road with a more advanced sensor and better IBIS, yet keep the more compact M43 ethos with it (never thought I would say the GX8 was compact, but hey...)

And I still hope for the GM7....ha.


Panasonic should have used a PDAF sensor, to broaden its market appeal, IMO.  Instead they try to lock users to their lens system with the DFD AF. By doing so, they increase the entry barrier of potential mid-range DSLR customers.

If Panasonic had PDAF, they would have surely captured a lot of the 4/3 lens users (like myself).  It would have been great to have a G7 or G85 camera that supported 4/3 lenses at almost 1/2 the price of the E-M1 and much less than 1/2 of the price of the E-M1 II.  OK, maybe 4/3 lens user market is small, but with PDAF, they could at least provide a bridge to Nikon and Canon DSLR users who would be able to use their existing lenses.

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