Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: USB for the C-2100 UZ in XP

I just tried the same thing and got the same result, XP recognizes the camera, but not as a removable disc, no drive letter. The pixel remapping utility won't connect with the camera. I'll try tomorrow on another computer with win 98 and serial cable.

My E100RS shows up as a removable disk and the pixel remapping program reports "0 dead pixels"... but it has a few obvious hot pixels on 16 sec exposure and the dead pixel test reports 10 hot pixels on a 16 sec exposure. I didn't try remapping, I was afraid to on my E100RS.

Brian Steele wrote:

In any case, it didn't work - the pixel-mapping program still
didn't recognize the Uzi on the USB interface. Probably because
it's not really recognized as a "mass storage device" under Windows
XP, whether or not you do the tweak.

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