My frustrations with Fuji X system as a 1 and done

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Re: My frustrations with Fuji X system as a 1 and done

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Let me start by saying that I think the Fuji X system is overall a great system. It handles amazingly well, its fun, it produces very 'now' images right out of the camera, and the IQ is great for such a small system. Also, even though I will be making comparisons between two systems, I am not doing so in order to say one is better than the other, its just the basis for my feeling about the Fuji system.

So, with that being said, I have experienced some frustrations with the X, especially in their lens selection.

For me, someone who shoots FF Sony for my serious photography, I have become spoiled by the Sony lenses. Also, my first foray into using dedicated cameras for my photography (started with smartphones) is with Sony.

I use all primes in my photography, and I have 1 prime at different focal lengths. For example, the 28 2.0, 50 1.4, and 85 1.8. Each lens is able to produce amazing shots in every aspect of the photography that I do which is quite varied.

When I looked into buying the Fuji X-T2, I wanted to duplicate the same bag as I have with my Sony so I bought the 16 1.4, 35 1.4, 56 1.2, I also added the 23 2.0.

After shooting with this kit for the last month, I've realized that these lenses produce beautiful images but as far as being top end-all purpose lenses they are lacking in flexibility. The AF speed and tracking on the older faster fuji lenses is extremely frustrating and while the 56 1.2 produces a comparable narrow DoF to the 85 1.8, it's not as flexible to use as the latter due to how slow it is. Some will also look to faster lenses for lower light work but again, the af on these is bad enough when its bright, forget about it in lower light. There's also the issue with noise. I've had issues with using them for video as my mic picks up the chatter on occasion, especially during scenes where there's no ambient sound.

So, in order to achieve a truly flexible kit, I need to buy the 2s along with the fast primes. But even the 2s have their weaknesses. Don't get me wrong, they are great little lenses but since I shoot in RAW, I don't benefit from the in-camera correction of these lenses so I haven't really been that blown away by the images they produce on a professional level. The main positive is that they can be 'good enough' for some situations, especially street, but for someone whose goal is to have max. flexibility and not have to carry 8 lenses around, it falls short.

So to summarize, the idea that I have to purchase multiple lenses at a single FL in order to get a semi-complete bag is annoying and to top it off, each lens on its own has issues that keep me from being totally reliant on the system as a single use system.

first world problems.

You mean like this whole website? Maybe we should be talking about the starving children? You may have noticed this thread was posted in Fuji x talk, therefore people talk about Fuji problems.

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