Catch in Focus with fully manual lenses only?

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Re: Catch in Focus with fully manual lenses only?

DominicVII wrote:

I just read an online instruction guide, according to which catch in focus would also work with autofocus lenses in manual mode. Well, I undid the A-setting on my Tamron 90mm and pulled the clutch to manual mode, but catch in focus would not work. Catch in focus is a very valuable function and I would like to assess its usefulness in the field of windy-macro photography. The lens that I am considering is the Samyang 100mm, but since it has an A-setting I wonder if catch in focus would work with this lens. And if you know of any 1:1 all-manual macro lenses, do let me know.

To summarise:

1) Does catch in focus work with the Tamron 90 mm 2.8. If so, how?

2) Does catch in focus work with the Samyang lenses with an A-setting?

3) Are there any 1:1 all-manual macro lenses out there?

If you are talking about Tamron 90 mm 2.8 model 272e, then it is likely that the problem is related to design of the AF/MF switch. Unlike AF/MF switches in most other lenses, this one does not disengage the gear in MF position. Take a look at the review of this lens at Pentax Forums, the page about focusing: , it is explained in detail there.

I tried CIF with this lens and it does not work. I haven't tried workarounds with shorting the contacts suggested by the others. it is worth looking at the posts by Ron (brandrx): if he tested CIF with the lenses that do not have AF/MF switches and came up with some solutions, then these solutions should work for the Tamron too.

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