Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: When to Return

Eric Carlson wrote:

We waited till the warranties were almost up so we would get
another 6 months, in case any more hot pixels showed up, and it was
a good thing, because I have had to send mine in twice so far.

If you have the Olympus 3-year (total) extended warranty, then send
it in any time hot pixels are affecting your photos.


I purchased the two year extended warranty on a refurb so I got 27 months and have about 22 months to go. I understand I get one check up/cleaning with the warranty so I am going to wait til near the end for that. So far I have about 6 hot pixels that show up in short night shots but Hot Pixekl Killer takes care of that. Long exposures are another story but I'm not doing much there.

I'm curious about your mention of another 6 months on the warranty. If you have a defect does Olympus extend the warranty for 6 months after the defect is fixed? Is it a complete extension or just for the defect that they fixed? I wonder how long you can keep that going?


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