Can I use a wide gamut display?

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Re: Edge and IE are both only partly colour-managed

Nevermind. I thought Edge was askew. I compared it side by side with Chrome and Firefox. All exactly the same or at least close enough I cannot see a difference. Using both of the pages that have been posted in this forum. The other browsers are actually nicer but Edge has better security. It is pretty much whichever one you prefer. I guess this confirms Edge is indeed fully color managed.

For it to use the monitor settings my understanding is then if you want SRGB the monitor needs to be in SRGB. I was wanting to keep it in ARGB Custom as it has been calibrated.

So that is confirmed. Why all Three show some things, not photo's more saturated When my old NEC SRGB did not I have no idea. Perhaps The NEC was not capable of displaying that plus the backlight was very worn. The old NEC was a good monitor but obviously this is far superior. It is better to begin with and much newer technology. I am guessing it is either displayed properly or in a css stylesheet they have not implemented an icc. Although they should all assume it is SRGB then. No idea but it is certainly not a deal breaker. All the major sites display properly in all Three.

I guess this is the end of the story.

Thank you, Everyone

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