opinions on Nikkor 24-120 VR f4

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Re: opinions on Nikkor 24-120 VR f4

I think it is overpriced at list but at the price they give it to you for a kit it is very good. It is especially useful for landscapes. Mine is very good for the price I paid (around $500). The range is very useful, the contrast is good, the color is good, it is sharp at most focal length and aperture combinations and isn't overly heavy. Generally I reach for primes but for a walk around lens the 24-120VR is great. Having rented the 24-70 on a few occasions, I can say that the 24-120 appeals to me more. The range is better, it is a lot lighter, it is cheaper and if I really need the speed I'll reach for a prime. I don't fetishize the extreme crops the way some on here do and I've gotten some great 24x36 prints from the 24-120 and what it produces looks great on screen.

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