7D question. For normal use, without moving subject, which is

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Re: 7D question. For normal use, without moving subject, which is

Bejersey wrote:

the best focus option. AI focus or One Shot?

Forget AI Focus, select One-Shot or Servo to suit how you're shooting.

You'll hear more BS about autofocus than any other photographic topic. Here's what scientific investigation tells us.

The only reason you need One-Shot is to hold a focus, for instance so you can recompose or have the same focus in a number of shots.

Otherwise, in most cases you'll get the best focus performance by using Servo and holding an AF point on the subject where you want focus.

Contrary to what many people believe, there's no evidence that One-Shot and Servo are different processes beyond One-Shot halting when the AF sensor sees an in-focus subject, and Servo being able to predict where a moving subject will be when the shutter opens. It's a myth that Servo will cause an error when the camera-to-subject distance is static.

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