A7R III Low Light Focusing Question

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Re: A7R III Low Light Focusing Question

SilvanBromide wrote:

Tommygun45 wrote:

Is the A7RIII capable of these kinds of shots? Or will it be? What do we think?

Regarding the a9, its AF very capable in low light. If you haven't already seen it, check out the video at:


In particular, take a look at the second starting at 19:35, where they are testing low light focus and comparing results from the a9 and D5 cameras.

We don't yet know how well the low light focus behavior of the a7R3 compares to the a9. It has fewer Phase detection points, but far more contrast detection points, and its slightly higher DR and much higher resolution all bode well for low light AF capability being at least comparable IMO.

LOl! thats me in the video I have now shot over 30 extreme sports events with the A9 and I find it focuses much better than My D5 in low light. This is with the 70-200GM and 24-70GM

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