RX10iv Birds in Flight (my first time out)

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Re: RX10iv Birds in Flight (my first time out)

Horacecoker wrote:

edform wrote:

hwvlover wrote:

Gary, I completely agree with you.
When I first tested the AF on birds-in-flight I quite deliberately posted a sequence of untouched SOOC images; the excellent David (horacecoker) took a couple of my images and had a play with them

He, David, described these as "pin sharp"
I am not too clear how that reconciles to Ed's "mediocre". However, that is just one person's opinion.

Absolutely. It is my opinion that I'm expressing. These two images don't help much; they are tiny: no use at all to judge the camera by.

For better impact I cropped these images to concentrate on the bird itself and not that perching stump in the foreground which I found distracting but I didn't make them this small!

Here are the ones I did. The first image is still pretty small as it needed more cropping but the second and best one is still quite large and it can be clearly seen that the whole bird is pin sharp.

At the time Ed, you pointed out - quite rightly in my opinion - that most of images weren't tack sharp, they seemed to you to be ever so slightly off focus. I'd noticed this myself but kept my mouth shut until you posted that comment then I posted to confirm your findings but tempered that by picking out two photos that were pin sharp (there were others too) and working on them to make them even better.

I think it's absolutely no use to forum members without folk like me and Ed to say what we think and what we see. This is especially true when evaluating a new camera and double especially true when photographing difficult subjects like BIF.

Now I've spent a day taking BIF shots myself with the RX10iv, I understand why all David's (hwvlover) owl burst shots weren't pin sharp as exactly the same thing happened to me with the gulls. I think I've figured out why and will start a new thread to explain.


Absolutely wonderful stuff and great advertising for what is plainly a superb camera. There is a strong circle of BIF specialists who use the Nikon 1 V series cameras with the CX70-300 lens and produce results of very high quality. Now I can see that Sony's new offering is going to establish a new group capable of producing thee same or better output.

Having spoken many times with users of full scale equipment [FF Canon with thousands of pounds worth of massively heavy lenses] about the difficulties of handling this ponderous kit, I can envisage a long controversy here over which is best - portability versus possibility. 

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