Anyone upgraded X100 to X100F?

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Re: Anyone upgraded X100 to X100F?

I guess I'll be the contrarian (sort of) - I upgraded from X100S to X100F and while it's definitely better in almost every way (AF and speed in general are hugely improved) I'm not really convinced it was worth the money.

That being said, I also just upgraded from X-E1 to X-E3 which is a similar jump and I'm really happy with that.

So, that kind of makes me wonder why - I think it's probably because I use the X-E1/3 a lot more as of late.  If I used the X100's more often I'd likely be happy to have the F, but given I only pick it up occasionally and the X100S is still more than capable, I have some regrets (to the point of trying to sell the X100F).

Of course, the whole thing could flip again and I could go back to the X100F as my primary camera. I bought the X100S and XE-1 at almost the same time because I couldn't decide what I wanted, so instead of buying the then-new X100T I got 2 cameras for almost the same price.  But, for a year or so I pretty much only used the X100S and the X-E1 sat around. Then I bought some more lenses for the X-E1 and generally went down the path to financial ruin there - the X100T would have saved me a lot of money

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