RX10iv Birds in Flight (my first time out)

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Re: RX10iv Birds in Flight (my first time out)

Interesting you should say that Ed. If I look at David's shots closely the birds faces are not 100% in all of the images, but David's PP skills have improved the image quality a lot, i.e. removing noise, etc.

I find gulls are fairly easy to photograph as they tend to glide along the same path and then flair their wings when they come in to land.

It has become obvious to me that ISOs speeds above 200 on the camera display a fair bit of noise. This can be removed in PP, but I haven't quite got to grips with it fully yet. So my PP skills aren't up there with David's or other forum users, but then I didn't realise it was a competition to post 'spectacular' images rather than mediocre ones... I would rather people offer constructive criticism and help me and others learn rather and develop rather than dismiss everyones shots as mediocre.

Gary, I completely agree with you.
When I first tested the AF on birds-in-flight I quite deliberately posted a sequence of untouched SOOC images; the excellent David (horacecoker) took a couple of my images and had a play with them

He, David, described these as "pin sharp"
I am not too clear how that reconciles to Ed's "mediocre". However, that is just one person's opinion.
By the way, I am also here to learn how to get the maximum out of the Mark 4 so constructive criticism is a yes please.
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