Adobe Lightroom Classic CC major problem

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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC major problem

VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC:

As you probably already know, Adobe has just replaced the former Lightroom CC with two new versions. One is called Lightroom Classic CC (your photos will be stored locally) and the other is a new Lightroom CC (Cloud centric, easier to use due to less capabilities than Classic).

If you “upgrade" to Lightroom Classic CC, do so at your own peril. As I discovered, it has a serious incompatibility with large Lightroom catalogs from the old Lightroom CC.

To try to solve a different problem, last Friday afternoon Adobe Technical Support (non-U.S. based) took control of my computer and “upgraded” me to the new Lightroom Classic CC. As I would learn over extremely frustrating, day and night work over the weekend, if people try to import their existing, large, older Lightroom catalogs into the new program, imports become impossibly slow. I repeatedly tried doing a small test import (471 photos) that used to only take minutes, but despite numerous attempts from Adobe tech support (by several agents and huge periods of time waiting for more help in between each one) to fix that over the weekend, it continued to take over an hour — and my typical photo transfers are for upwards of 2,000 RAW images per memory card.

Eventually it was determined (on Monday) by a senior Adobe technical support agent that, for whatever reason, the new Lightroom cannot handle large Lightroom catalogs. New, smaller catalogs must be created to return to having quick photo imports.

Dealing with this and figuring out the workaround meant I've lost a full day of work when I was supposed to be covering a major, week-long event. After that event I will have thousands of new photos to import, so I needed to get the problem solved before I left. The only workaround is to create a new Lightroom catalog for new imports, and forget about the convenience of continuing to use your one large Lightroom catalog that worked well with the old version of Lightroom CC, along with global keyword searches throughout a single Lightroom photo catalog -- anymore.

Adobe has the worst technical support I have ever experienced. As far as I can tell, it is all non-U.S. based. They kept me on chat hold for hours, and twice broke their promise to get back to me. Last Friday they got stumped and promised that a senior Adobe tech support person would call me back within 24 hours. I waited but instead of the promised call, a day later they sent me an email asking if I had any further need for assistance. I responded to the online form, pleading for the promised help (on Monday afternoon I was told — with an apology for being misinformed on Friday — that senior Adobe tech support people do not work on weekends).

On Sunday night, desperate for help due to an urgent need to import and edit my photos, I tried their online chat. After I waited to speak to someone, that person decided that they did not know how to solve the problem. They wrote to tell me that someone from the proper Adobe department would help me. The message, which repeated multiple times over hours, kept telling me that I am next in line for help, and that the wait time would be zero minutes. A new agent came onto chat but he did not know how to solve the problem either. He put me on chat hold for someone for the right department to help me too, but the same thing happened. Incredibly, a couple of hours later,, the first agent picked up. When she realized that she had already tried to help me and could not, she immediately put me back in the chat waiting zone, as the same messages as before played on the screen.

Finally, after more hours, someone else picked up who suggested that I create a new Lightroom catalog and try to do my small import into that, as a test. That import only took a few minutes, like such a small transfer used to take using the old Lightroom CC. He then tried to export my old Lightroom CC catalog into the new Lightroom Classic CC but, eventually, he realized that it would take a long time for the many tens of thousands of photos in my old catalog to go through the upgrade process for the new Lightroom Classic catalog, so he promised to return to help me in two hours (he had taken my phone number) and ended the chat. He did not contact me again.

I never did get the transcript of that marathon chat session, even though I had checked the box for that to happen.

Since I am a member of the press, at 10AM on Monday morning I phoned Adobe PR in the U.S to try to get help from them. Instead, their answering service picked up and told me that no one was in the office. I explained that my need was urgent and was promised a callback. That did not happen.

Instead, mid-afternoon a helpful senior technical support agent from Adobe technical support (again, non-U.S. based) called me back to try to help me as best she could. Eventually we agreed that the new Lightroom Classic, for whatever reason, cannot do imports with any sort of acceptable speed to large catalogs from the former Lightroom CC. The photos get added to my storage device almost immediately but even a small import takes an hour to complete — with no thumbnails until well into the process. The workaround is that from now on I would have to create what would become multiple catalogs to return to quick import speeds. I would no longer be able to do global searches in one Lightroom catalog to find keyworded photos.

If anyone knows how I can return to using just one large Lightroom catalog, please tell me.


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