RX10iv Birds in Flight (my first time out)

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Re: RX10iv Birds in Flight (my first time out)

Horacecoker wrote:

Forgot to comment on the photo you posted due to getting carried away with that long-winded explanation. If I'd been able to take a BIF shot like that with my RX10iii, I'd have been very pleased indeed but with the RX10iv I'm sorry to say it isn't a even keeper for me. This is the difference between the RX10iii and iv with BIF. To watch the little green dancing PDAF boxes peppering a bird as it flies by with the shutter going at ten to the dozen is immensely satisfying. You just know you are going to get some good shots and the only problem you have is deciding which to keep.

Do bear in mind that it was shot with an RX10 Series 1 and it wasn't a keeper for me either; the copy posted was a jpeg record image. I chucked the ARW file away at the time.

What I have never done is use high speed burst mode on flying birds. We had a family tragedy about 18 months ago and leisure things got pushed to the back of a long queue, so I haven't really had a chance to try it on feathered stuff.

I remember I went out on a really windy spring day with my first N1 [a V1, it could do 10fps with full AF] and came across a near-death Peacock Butterfly clinging to a pussy willow branch that was lashing about like crazy and reviewed a burst of shots I took. Every single one of them was pin sharp. I was mightily impressed.

Later this week I'm going to take a trip out to the same place as the gull shot was taken to have another go. I'll use my Nikon 1 V3 and CX70-300 which is top-notch glass on a body pretty much as good as an RX10-IV in burst mode capability [20fps with full AF] although the sensor is a bit down in output quality. We'll see how I get on.

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