Here's something weird My Adobe Lightroom standalone is now LR CC

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Re: Here's something weird My Adobe Lightroom standalone is now LR CC

toomanycanons wrote:

Since us standalone people can only have two copies operating at once, I'd de-activated my LR6 on my another computer (yes, I have two desktops and two laptops).

On a whim, I just clicked on the de-activated LR6 icon on this one computer and it opened up as Lightroom 6.6.1, which I guess is the Lightroom CC iteration of standalone LR6.1. I've never had an Adobe subscription.

I have the DVD of LR6 so I can always download it again if needed, but what's going to happen with this LR 6.6.1 I have? How did it transmogrify into a CC version? Is it going to disappear in a year or ever? I still use the activated standalone copies I have on one laptop and my other desktop.


I have found when I sign out of my Lightroom 6 standalone, Lightroom reverts to a 7 day trial of CC. To get back I have to sign in again and enter the serial code. In essence it seems that in order to even use Lighroom standalone, a user has to be permanently signed in to their Adobe account. So much for standalone!

It does mean that I can periodically use CC to see if there are any new features or check out the features I don't have. So far apart from 'guided upright' there is nothining really compelling


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