Canon to become Nokia/Blackberry?

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Re: Is every CANON thread about SONY?

I'm sure that still happens too - people post with specific questions on their particular model of camera.
I've seen similar criticisms in the past of the forums - for example this one is 1D/5D/6D forum, & when a new 5D has been announced or launched then the forum gets swamped with posts about 5D & I've seen 1D owners post comments like 'this forum is all about 5D & no one posts about 1D'.
Things ebb & flow as news stories hit the market & people react.
The thing is with these Sony's (& I don't own one - yet), is that for many users with EF lenses they are a potential option from the home grown Canon full frame cameras. Granted, it might be a bit of a risk vs continuing down the well troden path of just getting the next Canon, and it is because of this risk or gamble, why existing Canon users might wish to discuss with other Canon users what their thoughts are on the subject of switching to a Sony body.
As a Canon user (which most folk can spot for your gear list) if you start posting in say the Sony forum & say anything negative as part of the discussion, you do leave yourself open to being labelled a troll. Discussing it within the Canon full frame forum, where like minded Canon users may be, or may have considered trying out the Sony is maybe a safer option......& being fellow Canon users they are potentially facing the same questions & dilemmas on where to try going down the Sony route with adapted EF glass.
Folk wouldn't be discussing this if Canon were giving them what they wanted. It is only that Sony are offering something a little different to the Canon full frame offerings which are make folk stop & think & discuss.

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