Why there are no reviews for 80-400 ?

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Re: Why there are no reviews for 80-400 ?

If you're not already in a system and want the best lens rather than the best sensor, go for Canon 100-400 IS II. No question. Even when you merely handle it, you can tell it's a higher grade lens.

The more interesting question is whether it's worth getting a Canon + 100-400 II v Nikon + 80-400 AFS overall. If it were a case of 7DII v D500, the 7DII wouldn't really interest me, the sensor is old tech. The 100-400 would really have to be my bread and butter lens to put up with Canon lack of DR generally.

If these lenses were on a 5DIV v D850 for instance, that's more interesting. But I think I would go with Canon because the body performance is close enough to make it all about the lens.

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