Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

Started Oct 8, 2015 | User reviews thread
Phoenix91 New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

Well, I own Sony fdr ax100.  Six months from the purchase the above error popped up.  It comes and goes.  The fix should cost around $200!

To my opinion that module, which to my understanding is being used across Sony's camera's, is of poor reliability so I don't think it can be regarded as just a "lemon" and disregarded from the review.  I think that first of all the camera has to be reliable and only afterwards comes the performance review.  On my latest, various Sony's video camera, there was a poor reliability (all of them) although I keep them all in a clean and perfect condition.  Something bad happens to Sony which was my favorite for many years.

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