I’ve sold my Canon 5D Mark III w. 24-105, what camera should I buy?

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Re: I’ve sold my Canon 5D Mark III w. 24-105, what camera should I buy?

Titus Tuscan: It really depends on whether you want to make a brand change with all the associated problems such as selling your existing Canon lenses and accessories and taking a financial "hit". It's not going to cost $4300 to buy a Nikon D850, It's going to cost you $4300 + the cost of new lenses, flashes accessories, etc. (minus what you got for all the old gear). If you do decide to get to get a Nikon or a Sony, are you going to realise the small differences in image quality? Is your photography skill at the level where a relatively small change in dynamic range, additional pixels is going to make any practical difference to your picture taking? The ideal case would be to rent the cameras you are keen on, to see if a) you are happy with the operational characteristics of the other brands (ergonomics, ease of use, etc). b) Are the images that you take with alternative cameras that much different that they are instantly going to make you a better photographer? Probably not. A good photographer can use any camera and make a great image (this has been proven on many occasions). Another factor is post-production. If you aren't able to "extract" the best out of your images using post-production, it's all academic what camera you use.

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