why wold you buy a Sony a7r111 when you own a Sony a7r11?

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Re: why wold you buy a Sony a7r111 when you own a Sony a7r11?

ProfHankD wrote:

MikeSul wrote:

Actually there has been a lot of complaining about the absence of the camera apps. I am not one of the complainers. I tried to use them in a number of Sony cameras and except for the time lapse and one or two others they were useless. Even the useful ones were slow and felt kludgy. That functionality should be built into the camera as time lapse is on other cameras such as Pentax.

You folks don't seem to get it (or to read things posted a day ago in the same discussion); nobody is arguing for Sony-written apps. Sony can, and should, simply add that functionality into the base camera... and they should be ashamed that they haven't done that with all the apps they produced thus far. The whole point of an app interface is the same issue that has made smartphones so much more important than a non-programmable dumbphone, or even a feature phone, could ever have been: Sony should have been cultivating a 3rd-party app community, and they actually had the right interface to do secure 3rd-party apps.

However, Sony kept 3rd-party developers out of their app interface, essentially reducing their smartcamera into a feature camera. Just as OpenMemories started to let developers have meaningful access, Sony has reverted new models to dumbcameras. Very dumb.

The omission of PlayMemories also seems quite stupid to me. Not sure what their logic is. Could there be a chance that Sony is shifting the apps to a Smartphone based environment? i.e. you would install an app like Timelapse on your iPhone and set all the settings there with the nice phone interface, then send the executed instruction to the camera via bluetooth/wifi. Although this might only work for certain apps e.g. the smooth reflection app might still require that the firmware in the camera to be updateable to accommodate the RAW image averaging etc.

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