Diffraction limitation ?

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Re: Diffraction limitation ?

Holger Bargen wrote:

Could you please give me the link to the paper, again? I had a look ath the postiongs that were done before in this branch of the thread and could not find it.

The simple finding of some usefull looking structures generated by mathematical functions does not mean that they express something real - if you do not know the original - the reality - you will not know if the calculated picture of the reality is close to reality or if your functions prepared a view that is just generated by the functions itself.

The system has to be validated and calibrated. Otherwise you may get some deatils - but you don't know if they are mathematically generated fiction or if they are a pciture of reality.

You just dismissed the whole world of modeling and much of the physics and engineering. We have models for the real world, they are never perfect and cannot be such but we have a pretty good understanding about their limits. This is how we sent people to the Moon, etc.

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