Am I the only one who didn't know about Gerda Taro?

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molly marsh
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Sorry I don't see it.....

Corkcampbell wrote:

Am I the only one who didn't know about Gerda Taro? She came up when I was researching the Spanish Civil War this week in preparation for a trip to Barcelona. I probably read about her when I was in college studying the same subject, but my memory...well, you know.

Apparently, a really interesting photo-related character, who was crushed by a tank while doing her job as a photojournalist during that conflict. I've just ordered two books about her and her relationship with Robert Capa. Readers of this will understand that I'm a little embarrassed at my ignorance. Any input about her will be appreciated.

I find here work a bit mundane/pedestrian. I know there will be scorn coming from a great height here and now but when you put her work along side others it shows little imagination.

I urge you to take half an hour and go through this site with an open mind especially the street and doco photographers....


Miss Molly Marsh.................

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