Underwater housing or underwater camera?

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Re: Underwater housing or underwater camera?

mfinley wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

But mfinley's jihad points to bad unit, or more likely bad user.

Back to the insults again? Well you made it 24 hours at least.

No different than your continued slams about the camera.

Being that I've probably earned more income as a professional photographer than 75% of the people who visit this forum, probably eliminates the "likely bad user", but thanks for playing.

far more than 75% of the people visiting DPR, or this specific forum, have 0 earnings as a photographer, so that's not saying much.

Nor is a professional photographer who can't get a sharp image out of a compact camera.

Peruse the internet a bit kelpy, there are a lot of people shocked and disgusted with the TGs.

I could believe anonymous rants on the internet, who always seem to be scant on details, or I could trust people like those at Backscatter who I've dealt with for a decade on multiple system purchases. They seem to be perfectly capable of operating these TGs. As I asked earlier, what possible incentive would they have to sell lemons, and give up any future business? They don't make their money on Olympus, a company that's been in danger of bankrupcy for 5 years since reporting massive accounting fraud. They make far more money on Nikon/Canon/Sony, and these days on Panasonic as well I suspect. A single nauticam housing costs more than a TG rig.

Did you return the camera when you got back from the trip? Try another unit? Show them the results and look for causes?  Did you even own one? For all I can tell, you might be a SeaLife dealer trying to knock your primary competition.

I'll make a proposition - send me a TG5/PT-058 before my upcoming trip to Maui in February.  If I cannot get in focus shots in quantity, I'll pay the tab.  If I can, I'll keep it.    People here can be the judge.  Cheaper version - send me a rental and a Sola 800 as the bounty.

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