Sony RX10 Mk IV: some impressions after two days of trying to shoot BIF with it

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Re: About burst mode...

Horacecoker wrote:

tsammyc wrote:

I find 24fps just nice and since Sony nicely groups bursts on review, its easy to delete them all. The 60fps (no continuous AF) on my EM1 Mk2 is just too much.

I had a situation were I had a 60 burst group but only wanted to keep one shot but didn't want to delete all the other shots in that burst one at a time so I deleted the lot in one go.


This is way easier to do than explain than to actually do. But, I tried it just now and it works.

1) In playback, expand the group.

2) Open the menu, and select Protect. Select Multiple Image.

3) Step through the images and Mark each one you want to save. This is fast if you only want a few out of the group.

4) When you've finished selecting wanted images, push Menu and complete the protection process.

5) With the group expanded, select Delete in the menu. Don't use the trash can button.

6) Select All in Cont. Shoot Grp.

7) Select OK.

You're done. All images in the group that were not protected are now deleted. You can easily remove the protection of remaining images by going back to Protect and selecting to Cancel All with this Date.

As I said, this looks way more complicated than it really is. The steps are very explicit for this to work properly. But after you do it once or twice, you'll fly through it.

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