Shutter Shock & Shopping for Used 2nd Camera Body

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Re: Shutter Shock & Shopping for Used 2nd Camera Body

fishpix wrote:

Chas2 wrote:

Look at a used GX85. Then you don’t have to worry about dissimilar operations. I am still a fan of the GX7, but it does have shutter shock, but I do like the 12 bit e-shutter, it works well in many, though not all situations. I would still look for a second GX85, maybe the other color so you end up with one black and one silver.

Chas2 -- thanks for the detailed reply and sorting out the EFCS versions for me.
And yeah regarding your GX85 suggestion --- I'm not in a rush so I can certainly take the time to scan for used or new-unbundled / body-only GX85... (that said I may keep an eye out for one of the smaller less expensive shock-resistant alternatives).
Wondering if folks have any opinions on the no warranty / 'International' version of the GX85, and specifically whether it:
(1) makes it difficult to do firmware upgrades (I had seen something I recall as saying you couldn't upgrade through the US site and had to use the country of origin site)?

Great question and I am glad you raised it because now I will be careful. I have an International GM1, but have never upgraded the firmware.

The only reason I figured out this private party eBay transaction was an international/grey market to the US was going through the menus and finding video frame rates were 25/50 instead of 30/60. I really never use the video so I have not yet had any issues.

(2) whether the charger and cord were US-grid compatible?

Absolutely compatible. The charger is compatible with international voltages from 100-240, and switches automatically. The plug was US style two prong flat bladed plug

And my US sourced Panasonic equipment worked perfectly in Europe (Scandinavia and Germany), even though the voltage is 220. All I needed was an adapter.

(3) I can deal with getting an English PDF of the manuals -- are there any other gotcha's with the International products other than no US warranty?

I have come across none, other than what you raised. Never updated firmware, and never take video. Love this camera for its size. I do agree with others that the back dial is fiddly, and the built in flash is weak.

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