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Re: Polarizing Filters

Hike Pics wrote:

I've been working with using a PL filter for the last couple of days : https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/60289064

I made the bad choice of buying one a little on the cost-cutting side. Now I have to find a better one. Cokin, Tiffen, B&W, Hoya......vintage Vivitar?

You won't go wrong with a B&W XS-Pro HTC nano except for the squeel of the money flying out of your wallet for them. Quality is a major consideration, but also light transmission, a polarizer cuts a lot of light, sometimes making the difference in lower light whether you get the shot or not, those B&Ws in that series let the most light through than any other brand. Polarizers are so known for cutting light transmission that quick thinking photographers have been know to use one as a make shift neutral density filter in a pinch for shooting waterfalls and such.

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