Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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USB for the C-2100 UZ in XP

Brian Steele wrote:

corhoin wrote:

Here's my story.

This is just a report of one (the first?) successful DIY hot pixel
remapping done on an Olympus C-2100 UZ. Please don't do this at
home unless you know exactly what you are doing and why. Well, so
much for the disclaimers, we Finns don't like them anyway.

This is great news! It's a pity that I don't have a serial i/f
cable for my Uzi. Where did you get yours? I've got a serial cable
for my Kodak, but the Uzi's connector is a bit smaller than the
usual serial mini-jack size.

You can also try your USB cable. I'd guess that you can get it to work in Windows XP - at least if the camera shows up as a removable drive in My Computer. Normally the computer may not see this camera model as a removable drive, but for XP there's a trick that supposedly works. I have Win98 and 2000 in my PC, so I haven't been able to use USB for any other software but Camedia. That's why I used the serial cable for this pixel remapping trick.

My serial cable came with the camera, but you can also buy it from the Oly retailer or any other shop that advertises it in the Web. Very easy to find with Google or other search engines.

Here's the trick for Windows XP, but actually I haven't tested it myself. I found it from the Usenet, so it's not written by me.


After Searching, searching and searching I have Michel Gallois from to thank for the solution to the "My Olympus Camera Doesn't work on Windows XP". After these changes your camera will work with the Wizards and you can drag and drop the images off the camera as if it were a disk drive (Shows up in My Computer as "Olympus Digital Camera". This worked for my C-3030Z, It should also work for these models: D360L, D400Z, D450Z, D460Z, D490Z, C2000Z, C2020Z, C211Z, C2500L, C3000Z, C3030Z, C2100 based the information in Microsoft Knowledge base articles.

Q281090 - Olympus Digital Cameras Require Olympus Camedia Utility Software
Q293168 - Digital Cameras That Are Supported by WIA in Windows XP

Unfortunately Microsoft had to drop native support for Olympus in Windows

XP. Legal issues, was the official answer I got. I'm afraid Olympus doesn't want Microsoft to get our life easier. Anyway. I found the way to make it work.

You have to edit the file:


You'll have to remove two semicolons.

The section:
remove this semicolon=> ;%MfgOlympus%=ModelsOlympus

Must become:


The section:
remove this semicolon=> ;%USB\VID_07B4&PID_0100.Device%=Olympus,

Must become:
%USB\VID_07B4&PID_0100.Device%=Olympus, USB\VID_07B4&PID_0100

After this, if you have already the Olympus C-2100 in your Device Manager,

uninstall it and run again the new hardware wizard. Let Windows XP find the correct driver. Windows will attempt to frighten you with a catastrophe prophecy. Just ignore it and go on (it works perfectly). You're done. Now your Windows XP will see your Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom without any additional software.



Corhoin Wizardonik Customworks, Finland

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