Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: Good News, but I have a ???

James C. Whiteside III wrote:

Thats good to hear, I know one of my older UZI was giveing me the
same problem before I had a new sensor put in. But once this
warrenty runs out it will be my baby, and that looks like an
effective way to get a few extra quality photos out of the UZI.

A new sensor is the way to go if there are too many (more than 512) overly sensitive pixels in the CCD so that they can't be mapped out. Probably they noticed that the mapping failed in your case, resulting in visible hot spots even after the calibration.

So when you map the pixels, what exactuly does it do? Does it
actually make it a working pixel again, or does it just make it a

a muted color like gray or black?

Every camera probably has these "mapped" pixels, but they won't show in a picture in any way - they are mathematically interpolated from the nearby pixels by the camera itself. The brightest ones may be visible in the screen when targeting, but they are removed from the image data before saving. Many new Olympus cameras already have this function available in their menus so the user can do the procedure him/herself without any PC. This same function is built in the UZI as well (and probably every other camera), but you can only activate it with this utility.

If you have a really defective CCD with hundreds of mapped adjacent hot pixels in a large group, this might result as a very small unsharp or blurred area in every picture you take. A bit like the small blind spot in your eye's retina, you won't notice it but you can't see any details in that exact location as there are no "pixels" to detect light. Effectively this spot is also mapped out by the brain. However, this is unlikely in a camera unless you deliberately destroy the CCD by taking unfiltered long-exposure photos of the sun or other extremely bright objects.


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