Canon 6D MKII or 5D MK IV - Decision made.

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Re: Canon 6D MKII or 5D MK IV - Decision made.

Jeff Peterman wrote:

After a lot of thought and discussions here (thanks every one), with today being a significant birthday and having received confirmation that the bonus I was waiting for is on its way, I went ahead and ordered a refurbished 5D MK IV from Canon this morning.

There is "only" a $700 difference between the two - and I know that I'd be disappointed with the focus point spread and lack of high ISO improvements on the new 6D compared to my MK1 (which is was also bought refurbished). So, it was either buy the 5D or wait a year and see what comes out - making the decision easy.

I made a deal with my wife that I would sell one of my old bodies: 10D, 40D, 7D (original), SL1, and 6D (original). I will certainly keep the SL1 for travel, I use the 40D for time lapse with an AC cord and remote, so that leaves the 10D (not worth much at all), 7D, or 6D. But that's to think about after my new toy, I meant tool, arrives!

A real upgrade from 6D MkI ! If the price difference was "only" 700 the new and clearly better 5DIV  is worth it.

The only nice thing from 6DMkII  that 5DMkIV does not have is the more usable tilting LCD/liveview shooting

I'm still using my 6D and 80D - the upgrade to 5D MkIV could be too much  or unnecessary for my skill level and needs,

Anyway, you made the right decision IMO. A good camera is better than "nice" - 6DMkII is just a nice camera

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I started SLR photography in 1968, first DSLR was Canon 40D in 2007. Now Fuji X-T1 and the new 80D are my favourites - also 6D for landscapes and portraits

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