P600 or P800? Been agonizing back and forth on which to choose..

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Re: P600 or P800? Been agonizing back and forth on which to choose..

Hi Harris,

If P800 fits into the budget, it is a better choice, especially if you are going to print on Epson paper using Epson colour profiles.

Backdoctor wrote:

With my R3000 having the dreaded black ink blobs and a repair price of $475 it seems time to get a new printer.

I have had a LOT of good input. The P800 is $350 more after rebates but with the much larger ink cartridges it would even out in price after two refills of the P600.

The issue, I don't print THAT many photos. I plan to do more printing of my wildlife and sports shots. Also some family stuff. I don't know when I'd print 17" wide... I do a fair amount of document printing on an Epson NX420 , but I'm constantly changing those inks. Would it be stupid to print documents on the P800 as the ink is so much less and cartridges so much bigger? Can it print documents or is it made for photo paper.

If I could use it to print more of what I do then it might make sense... I have to pull the trigger before I lose the rebates on Oct. 31st.

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