P600 or P800? Been agonizing back and forth on which to choose..

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Re: P600 or P800? Been agonizing back and forth on which to choose..

Charles2 wrote:

Backdoctor wrote:

Any issue using it to print documents in lieu of a nozzle check?

A nozzle check, which uses very little ink, pushes ink through every nozzle. A black and white document would not.

This snippet from the P800 manual certainly expects the printer to be used to print documents, and it has a tip about Finest Detail -- for when you send vector-based data to the printer (think Postscript and programs that use it).

Don't just think Postscript and programs that use it!


The Epson pro printers have an option in the print driver called Finest Detail. When that option is checked, the driver actually reports its resolution to be 720 dpi. The Canon also can report to the system as a higher-res 600 dpi printer. In the past, Epson has told photographers they didn’t need to use the Finest Detail option when printing. Epson says that it’s useful for vector graphics and type, but not images. I beg to disagree. I decided to go about proving that upsampling to 720 ppi for Epson and 600 ppi for Canon printers can be useful.

Figure 10

Detail of the print dimensions and native resolution.

This whole thing really came about when I got a Phase One P65+ medium-format 60 MP digital back. It really ticked me off that all that resolution went to waste when printing smaller images. The capture size of a P65+ is 8984×6732 pixels. To make a print on 13×19-inch paper with a minimum one-inch margin results in an image size of 14.68×11 inches and a resolution of 612 ppi, so why waste it? When Lightroom 3 was being developed, I worked with the engineers to increase the previous hard cap of output resolution from the previous 480 ppi. In Lightroom 3, the hard cap is now set at 720 ppi.

The bottom line is, if the image you’re printing to a high-end inkjet printer has a native resolution at the print size of less than the printer resolution, upsample to the printer’s dpi. In the case of Epson, that’s 360 dpi, and it’s 300 dpi with Canon and other printers with similar print heads. If the native resolution is above the resolution, upsample the image to the higher reported resolution of the printers (720 ppi for Epson and 600 ppi for Canon). In the case of the Epson line, also check the option for Finest Detail.

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