Kx re-incarnate - easy LCD replacement with a 'how to'

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Kx re-incarnate - easy LCD replacement with a 'how to'

My first DSLR was the Kx, so I could keep using my old M lenses from MX/Program A days.  After a couple of years the LCD screen died.  It was 2 days before setting off from the UK to visit the deserts of the USA and then Yellowstone, so I quickly bought a Kr, body only, as a local store had one in stock.  (Remember when most camera shops stocked Pentax).

The Kr is technically better, especially the way it shows the focus point which was a shortcoming in the Kx, but somehow although it is hardy any bigger it didn't feel as good in the hand.  Some things - like the 135mm M lens, the Kx DSLR, and my old SAAB just have an undefinable rightness about them.

I knew the rest of the Kx was working, I used it tethered to a laptop to copy 3000 slides, since then it has been in a drawer unused.  You can use the viewfinder for some things, but you can't set the ISO without the main screen so it renders it useless.

Last week I saw LCD screens for £14 (so a bit less than $20) and thought what can go wrong......

Nothing did, took about 90 minutes working very carefully and methodically to change the screen and now it works.   Don't be afraid to try this yourself (but probably not on anything in warranty or worth a lot of money).

There is some information on screen replacement for a K10 on the dslrparts.com website.  The Kx is very similar but no soldering is required.

You will need a good quality tiny philips screwdriver, a pair of forceps helps here and there, and a fine flat screwdriver to pop up some connector tabs.  Good light and work somewhere so you can find any screws you might drop.

In summary - take off strap, lens (fit body cap), pull off rubber eyepiece, take out SD card, pop flash up (important) and take batteries out.

Take off bottom plate, 8 screws (as you go on you will find screws of different lengths so take notes as you go).

Then there is the one hidden screw, look in to the battery compartment and you will see a silver screw right at the bottom.  This has to come out so you can lift the top plate later.  Now work around the top plate removing the screws, including 2 which would be hidden by the flash, one on the Kx logo side,  and 2 under the viewfinder rubber.  You can now lift the top plate - no need to take it off or worry about wires, just lift it a bit.

Now 4 screws, 2 each side, and the back plate comes off.  Unlike some other models no screws are hidden beneath the vinyl.  There is a small multi plug on the main circuit board which just pulls off as the back comes off - remember to push it back on when you reassemble.

Its fairly obvious how to deal with the back plate and change the panel.  Both the panel connectors have thin brown 'pop up' tabs to release, just ease up with a fine screwdriver.

No soldering, no glue (one bit of sticky tape to peel off and refit) and it all goes back together very nicely.

Happy to have the Kx back and hope this might help others.

Pentax K-r Pentax K-x
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