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Customization tips

One thing you may or may not venture into with C1P is the ability to customize. There's a lot you can do and one area is the keyboard mapping.  I generally would advise caution when changing keyboard shortcuts as the training videos usually won't have your keyboard mappings and it gets confusing.

However, one mapping I would recommend is turning on the "Toggle Viewer" .  This lets you simply press 'T' to toggle between viewer (single image) and the grid;  and this mimics more of what LR does (as I recall, it's been a few years since I've touched LR).

For the Toggle viewer just do this

1) Click on Capture One (menu option)

2) click on "edit keyboard shortcuts"

3) open up the "view" section by clicking on the expander arrow

4) edit the "Toggle Viewer" (third row)... and put a 'T' in there

It's a simple tweak and I found it useful as heck.    Also, if you use color tags, you can assign keyboard combinations to any of those and you can totally re-arrange the interface tabs and add/remove edit tools from any tab.  Again, I wouldn't go crazy but this simple one can be useful.

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